re statement pieces to add to your outfit. There


Bracelets are statement pieces to add to your outfit. v There are many types of bracelets out there that any and every woman should wear . Bracelets can be simple or detailed and what you want depends on your style. Some bracelet options are:


Usually offering no detail but is instead a simple circular bracelet that slips on. No need to worry about tricky clasps here. Bangles can be stacked up on the arm or be worn individually.


No, you don’t have to play tennis to get in on this fashion statement. A tennis bracelet is a dainty bracelet composed of small gems linked together. Women accessorize with this piece of jewelry by wearing it alone, with other bracelets, or with a watch. Tennis bracelets should have a safety latch that fits over the clasp, sturdy chain links, and flexibility.


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